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Virtual Guest Workshop: AI for Sales Growth and HOW You Can Use It

Join Us As OUR GUEST for This Upcoming Guest Event:
Wednesday, April 10th at 12pm to 1pm.

Learn How to Use AI to Grow Sales

AI Sales Event in April by Scott Bliss

Reserve your spot today!

Join Scott Bliss, Sandler Training Jersey Shore, for a complimentary AI for Sales Workshop.

Join us and find out how to create an effective path to sales success through AI and ChatGPT in our upcoming virtual workshop. Learn how to leverage cutting-edge technology to optimize deal closures and achieve your sales goals.

Discover how to:  
- Utilize AI for effective prospecting strategies
- Implement AI-driven selling tactics to enhance sales performance
- Learn AI-based techniques for improved communication and client management
- Utilize AI tools for efficient pipeline management


Stephen Carter
Scott is a great teacher for entry-level & senior sales training. He's in-tune with our industry (chemical) and really connects with the situations we discuss. I have also done leadership training with Scott. The models he uses work well to help manage employees and lead a team.

Alyssa Lelievre
A great comprehensive program to develop leadership in the company. Scott's knowledge is extensive and he has a teaching method that is innovative and easy to comprehend.

Richard Domanico
I brought the sales team to Sandler Training this past year and have seen great results. Scott is an excellent teacher that fills his classes with valuable information with an interactive approach. We learned a new way to sell.

Bonnie Preston
Scott Bliss is an outstanding Sales Trainer. He has taken my salesmanship to a whole new level. I highly recommend!

Craig Landri
Working with Scott has been excellent for our sales team. He's knowledgeable, interesting, thought provoking and funny. He makes himself available for his clients and is passionate about his craft. Those looking to provide their sales team with a system will find it working with Scott.

Paul Nebb
I took the 10 week Sandler class. Best decision I ever made!! It’s helped my business and personal growth.

Thomas Ranieri
Scott Bliss is an excellent sales trainer. I have been going to his training classes for about 3 months now and in that time frame I have closed $58,200 in new revenue! I'm excited to see what the future holds as I become Sandler trained.

Andrew Hurley
Scott was a great sales trainer. Scott does a great job relating to each person's strengths and weaknesses, and helps the student based upon their personalities and needs.

Steve Green
Scott is a very reputable and experienced sales person and a great teacher. My team and I had a great experience with his management program and I have seen great strides in my management.

C Gunther
Scott's training has very much helped me as a business owner and salesperson. He has also helped my sales team as well. I very much believe in the Sandler Training and I am certain it has helped my business. I have done other training and I feel that Scott's approach with the Sandler system is by far the best.

Glenn Scher
If you are in sales then you need to training at Sandler. You may think you know all about what you do, however this is an eye opener. I highly recommend.

Randy Laing
Scott Bliss’s training is a must for any person looking to master the art of sales!

Mitch Kahn
I’ve been enrolled in Sandler training with Scott Bliss for several months now, and I highly recommend it to anyone in sales or sales management. Scott is an outstanding instructor and you will learn new sales techniques to set yourself.

Danielle Norcross
Sandler Training is an extremely effective sales development training. I was able to implement techniques immediately! Thank you Scott Bliss!

Scott Johnston
Scott Bliss' training methods have helped my sales staff increase productivity by 15%! Clearly the Sandler training was a great investment for my firm.

Frances Wraback
Scott is an awesome teacher for sales training

Jerome Townsend
Great Sales Training! Worth the investment!