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Virtual Guest Learning Event: Learn HOW To Avoid Unpaid Consulting!

Date: Wednesday, February 8th at 11:30 AM-12:30 PM

Presented by Scott Bliss and Kevin Shulman

Tired of Being an Un-paid Consultant?

Traditionally, the common salesperson has been taught to tell anyone whose attention they can get about all the features and benefits of whatever product or service they are selling. The goal has been to convince the prospect that they should be just as excited as you are about that product or service, without really putting much time into understanding if that prospect even wants to hear your whole presentation, and if they do, what are their motives for listening to you?

As a salesperson, you run the risk of becoming an unpaid consultant when you get too eager to educate your prospect and share all of your knowledge with them, before having a good understanding of their level of commitment to you or what it is that you are selling. What “don’t spill your candy in the lobby” means to say, is don’t get moving so fast through the sales process, that you trip over your own feet and spill all your goods before you get to where you are going. Sell today, educate tomorrow.

Join us and find out HOW to avoid becoming this unpaid consultant!

feb 23 Unpaid Consulting Event
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